Could this be Carma-heaven?

July 16, 2011 

Thank you, Los Angeles, for successfully taking on Carmageddon. You stepped up yesterday evening and this morning. Southern California motorists followed the advice of public officials and traffic experts and are staying out of their cars. That is the only reason why traffic in our region was at all-time lows for a Friday evening.

I was at the 405 and Mulholland Drive last night at midnight to witness the closing of the freeway and the beginning of the bridge removal project that has caused all of this fuss. It was an eerie feeling to see the cars thinning out on the freeway as the closing approached, but it was also heartening that this region came together in common cause to help manage what otherwise could have been a traffic nightmare.

As I told a reporter last night, most of us feel that if we don’t get in our car on a weekend and go somewhere, then somehow we’re being cheated. In fact, what L.A. is finding out this weekend is that there’s a lot to do and see within walking distance of our own homes.

We have 40 hours or less to go, and I urge all of you to stay the course. Stay home, patronize local stores and restaurants, and do everything you can to stay out of your cars until this weekend’s work is completed.  It worked last night, and it’s working this morning.  We need to sustain this for another day and a half, and then Carmageddon will be in our rear view mirror.

Posted 7/16/11

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